Minors & Shop Access

Youth as young as 8 years of age can become TechShop members!

For the safety of everyone in our TechShop community, please note that all member responsibilities, safety guidelines, rules, shop etiquette, and policies outlined in the TechShop Individual Membership Agreement also apply to youth and add-on family members.

Minors at TechShop

Liability waivers

All minors (including guests of members) must have a Waiver and Release of Liability for Minors signed by their parent or legal guardian on file before they will be allowed to attend classes or work on-site.

Adult supervision

Membership behavior

Area, Equipment & Class Access

As there are different levels of inherent risk in both the environment and the operation of TechShop’s various tools and equipment, designated shop areas and equipment/classes have varying age minimums, and some equipment requires successful completion of a Safety and Basic Use (SBU) class prior to independent use.

Supervised: Highlighted fields in the table, below, indicate that minors in that age range are permitted in those classes and shop areas while under the direct supervision of a parent, legal guardian or approved adult.

Solo: Minors ages 16–17 are permitted access to these areas without parental supervision once the associated Safety and Basic Use requirements have been met.

Shop & Class Access - Age Restrictions