Refer a friend and get a FREE 1-month membership


Do you know someone who would love the TechShop experience? 

Now it's easier than ever to introduce friends, acquaintances and colleagues to TechShop. Whenever someone signs up for the first time as a member and uses you as a referral, you each receive a FREE 1-month membership. These 1-month memberships are fully transferable and remain dormant until activated by the recipient.

How It Works

  1. Your friend joins TechShop for the first time ever and lists you as a referral.
    After purchasing a membership, your friend will receive a referral card in his/her New Member folder. Make sure they know your full name and email address as they will need it to fill out the referral section.

  2. You each receive a confirmation email with your free 1-month memberships.
    After the new member has filled out the referral card, both of you will receive a confirmation email from a local TechShop staff member with instructions for how to activate or gift your free 1-month memberships.


Q. How many friends can use me as a referral?
A. All of them!

Q. What do I receive when someone uses me as a referral?
A. You will both receive a dormant 1-month membership that you can use for yourself or gift to a friend.

Q. Does my friend receive anything for using me as a referral?
A. Yes! Your friend will also receive a dormant 1-month membership to use or gift to a friend.

Q. Do I have to be there when my friend signs up for the membership?
A. No, but your friend should know your full name and email address. He/she will need it when filling out the Refer a Friend form that's inside the New Member folder he/she will be given.

Q. What if my friend signs up online?
A. No problem. Your friend will receive a New Member folder the first time he/she goes to the store after becoming a member. The Refer a Friend form can be filled out at that time.

Q. How do I refer people who aren’t close friends?
A. It’s easy. Promo cards are located at the front desk of every TechShop location. The cards include your local store’s information on the front and a place on the back to write in your name and email address. Take as many of these cards as you’d like. They're perfect for handing out to curious Uber drivers dropping you off at the shop or for giving to colleagues who wonder what you do on the weekends.

Q. When will my friend and I receive our free 1-month memberships?
A. Your free 1-month memberships will be available 7 to 10 business days after your friend turns in the Refer a Friend card or form.

Q. How will I know when my free 1-month membership is available?
A. Once your free 1-month membership has been added to our system, you will receive an email from your TechShop Member Ambassador or Front Desk Lead with the details.

Q. What if I want to give my free 1-month membership to someone else?
A. You can do this either by replying to the email you received for your free 1-month membership and include the name and email address of the person that you would like to gift the membership to, or you may email your local Member Ambassador with the recipient’s contact information.

Q. My friend was a TechShop member a few years ago. Do I still get a free month if he/she signs up again?
A. No. The Refer a Friend program is only available for first-time members of TechShop.

Q. Is there an expiration or auto-activation date on the 1-month membership?
A. No! Your free 1-month membership will remain dormant until you are ready to activate it.